About Us

Revive Personal Products Company, headquartered in Madison NJ, makes and markets a line of consumer products that are sold in over 30,000 retail stores nationwide. Revive started operations in 2008 with the idea to acquire and reinvigorate established OTC personal care brands – brands that enrich people’s lives by providing viable options to solve real needs.

History of Our Products

The Options Family Planning brands: Gynol and Conceptrol Spermicide – were acquired from J&J in 2008. These are products that were pushed aside by “the pill” and other birth control devices, but still retain their usefulness for large numbers of women who can’t or choose not to use hormone-based birth control. Now positioned as “The Women’s Way to Prevent Pregnancy” and shelved near condoms in retail stores, the products are gaining new distribution and growing. And for women reaching the end of their child-bearing years, the Options brand includes Healthy Woman Soy Menopause Supplement – a supplement to ease the symptoms of menopause.

Another product acquired from J&J at that time was Stim-U-Dent Plaque Removers. This is a remarkably effective oral care device that has been recommended by dentists and hygienists, approved by The American Dental Association, and beloved by consumers for over 60 years. Revive repackaged the brand, made it part of The Natural Dentist line and re-presented it to a welcoming dental community. The Company was also able to greatly expand the brand’s distribution to include the entire natural foods distribution channel.

The Natural Dentist brand of mouth washes and toothpastes was acquired in 2010. It is the best possible example of a unique and valuable line of products that only needed strong marketing to succeed in the marketplace. Since owning the Brand, Revive has made a number of moves to make this brand the fast-growing, viable brand that it rightfully should be.

These include…repositioning the largest mouth rinse SKU as a remedy for bleeding gums…aggressively renewing the brand’s professional franchise…initiating a campaign to communicate the brand’s unique qualities for cancer patients suffering from some of the oral problems that sometimes come with chemotherapy…and expanding distribution to include the nation’s largest retail chains.

Another brand acquired from J&J in the original deal was Fresh ‘n Brite Denture Cleaning Paste. This is a paste form of denture cleanser that is unique because it comes in a two-layer paste and gel for maximum effectiveness in cleaning and deodorizing. The Company made the simple move of adding a free denture brush to the package to make switching from soaks that much easier. That move has helped create one of the fastest growing brands in the denture care category.

Revive Personal Products Company is run by

Kelly Kaplan
President, COO

Richard Riordan
Vice President, Operations

Feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or concerns about our company. Thank you for visiting RevivePPC.com!