Fresh ‘N Brite FAQ


Q: Can I use Fresh ‘n Brite in my mouth on both my partial dentures and my regular teeth?

A: Fresh ‘n Brite is meant for use on dentures outside the mouth and should NEVER be swallowed. The product removes stains from dentures. There is no active ingredient that can hurt or harm you but it is recommended for use outside the mouth. You might want to consult your dentist for any further questions.

Q: Does Fresh ‘n Brite contain zinc?

A: No, it doesn’t. It is also gluten-free.

Q: Why aren’t the ingredients listed?

A: I know! But Fresh ‘n Brite is a proprietary formula. We could tell you, but then…

Q: Where can I buy Fresh ‘n Brite?

A: Please contact our great Customer Support team: toll-free: 888-317-4402 or email: